Issue with Chrome Passwords after upgrading to High Sierra

I finally updated to High Sierra and Boom my Chrome started acting weird [it’s on latest version].

All my password autofills stopped working, i went to settings > advance > manage passwords: And nothing everything gone, my 288 passwords vanished.

Luckily I have password sync on and I logged into my Google Dashboard and all my data was same, yee joy 🙂 but now how to get it back to the chrome settings.

After searching for 3 days when ever I got chance I finally landed on the solution and wola it fixed the problem in minutes.

Quit Chrome.
Go to the directory where Chrome stores its user-specific data, below your user home directory:
~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome

From there, go into the directory called Default if you want to fix your main profile, or into Profile 1 or Profile 2 etc. to fix one of your extra profiles.
Delete the files Login Data and Login Data-journal.

Repeat for other profiles as necessary.

Yup this worked for me, do keep a backup for the files before deleting and do make sure your passwords are synced to other devices just in case you are not as luckily as I was.

That’s it folks, Happy Coding 🙂

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