Creative Commons

These days with so many designers around and lot of themes being developed as a designer like most other designers sometimes i get into a fix if the image i am using just for the theme showcase purpose is under a creative commons license/ a public domain or is it allowed to be commercially used,and in the end as it is really hard to find if the photo/icon being used is actually a CC you most likely end up using it.
The best way which i found out recently will Googling around is a search just of creative commons which pics up images/videos/music from various sites which has been assigned to be used for CC or under public domains by its authors. I am sure this would have brought a big smile on lot of designers.
In no way this search ensures that the content you found is CC and it still is an onus on you to check it but most of my recent usage of it has given me public domain content, i would say it is worth trying than to just end up using any random image for the themes and hurting the author because in the you are also an author of a theme and you would not like it if your theme was showcased or used up in any way without your permission.
You can check the website at:
Happy Designing 🙂

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