Author Profiler

Allows the author/user to upload gravatar/photo/profile image directly from the user dashboard to display on their blog post. Using the plugin you would not need to upload your photo on gravatar and directly upload it in your dashboard and the plugin codes add a code to display the photo on author blog post.

  • What does plugin do?
    It allows you to upload author photo directly from user section of the dashboard.
  • Do i need to add any shortcode?
    No, plugin takes care of it, and adds the image next to author name on his blog post.
  • Does it only allows single author photo?
    No, any number of authors on the blog can upload their individual photos in the user dashboard and it will feature next to the author name on blog post.
  • How to change height of the author pic?
    Go to wp-content/plguins/author-profiler/author-profiler.php, open it in your php editor and go to line 116 and you can update width and height.

$content .= '
< img class="avatar" alt="'.get_the_author_meta('display_name').'" src="'.get_the_author_meta('image', $authordata->ID).'" width="\'50\'" height="\'50\'/" />';

PS: I haven’t yet added a custom css for it, so if it does not fit well in your theme you might have to play around with your css.

Download from WordPress Repository Click Here

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